Have you ever stopped, spent time and considered:
  • Where each one of us, as human beings, are in our current daily life journey?
  • Our temptations:  How many do we actually  have control over?
  • Our daily life trials:  How do we handle them?
  • Our psychological make up:   What is it all about?
  • Our memories and the role they may play in the makeup of our lives.
  • The ability to overcome and conquer the challenges that we face each and every day.
  • Have ever considered:   Where did YOU  “really!” begin?
  • And if you knew where your life “really” began would such knowledge be helpful coping in today’s world, understanding yourselves or those around you?
  • After all, are we not all spirit beings that have a mind, a soul and live in a structure called a “body” during our residency on earth?
  •  The life of a young chap, Sean, that began as a mere 5 1/2 year old street waif  who joined a   gang,   the ‘Bloods,’  in his yet developing country.   Social experts would call it ‘seeking  acceptance.’   But is that all?   Is that the answer?
  •  Sean’s life in a local cemetery, consisted of, in part, the seeking of shelter from the elements by crawling inside of grave tomb stones through the holes that he had created in the sides of the grave tomb stones.
  • The catching, killing and eating of “cemetery snakes” for Sean’s survival.
  • Attending funerals, pretending to know the deceased, just to get a plate of food.
  • Breaking, entering and burglarizing private homes.
  • Street gang violence and blood shed.
  • As mere 10 year old Sean guns down a home owner just to prove to others in the gang that he was the “Baddest.”
  • Yearning for leadership; gang politics.
  • All this and much, much more leading up to the day, as an 11 year old, Sean suffered the total severance of his spinal cord  in a fall from a tree while stealing food . . . which closed “this” chapter of his life.
WHO KNEW . . . .
  • Could anyone know, in the process, that this chap, Sean,  had become, literally, demon possessed? 
  • Certainly not his newly adoptive Jewish Bible believing single mother!
  • Not remotely interested in adoption,  learn how God orchestrated Sean’s adoption from the very beginning to it’s conception!
  • Relive the evening the adoptive family experienced demonic physical strength and power  as the forces of good and evil literally battled to rip apart Sean’s physical body,  actually levitating him over three feet off of the floor!
  • The real life struggles, the battling of demons that those around Sean experienced . . .   while God . . .  made lemonade out of lemons! 

In today’s secular world of psychology there is a known fact:  The development of a child’s life is between birth to 6 or 8 years of age.

Was this child, Sean,  simply a product of his environment? 

How much and to what degree did the role of psychology  play in his life? 

Or was it Sean’s life’s destiny unfolding for an ultimate greater good and purpose, not only for Sean, but for those whose lives he would ultimately, one day in the future, touch?

You are invited to join us as we explore  deep, below the surface, co-mingling of thoughts and consider how all of the elements of his environment  may have affected the life of this 6 year old street waif:  Sean’s life as a member of the notorious gang, ‘The Bloods.’

This project is a fund raising endeavor.  You are invited to join us and be a supportive member of a powerful inspirational true story movie.

First and foremost making this film project a matter of prayer cannot be stressed enough!  We ask that you, as a Bible believing Christian,  spread the word to your church, your Bible Study Group, your Youth Group, friends, acquaintances, those in your address book,  your Social Media, etc.

This  Site has been set up to, firstly, raise funds to assist in the meeting of Sean’s current, daily needs as he is forced to live off of the kindness of others.  Because of Govt. red tape Sean cannot get assistance of any kind, not even food stamps!  Any book sales residual income, above meeting daily needs,  will be put into a fund to cover the cost of film production – an inspirational film in every sense of the word!  We have been given an estimate cost of $350,000.00  to produce this film.

  • True Herald Of Mercy initially began as a part of Sean’s home schooling project.   Sean was required to write, as an English project, about an average day in his life prior to his adoption.  It was via these writings that Sean’s adoptive mother  first learned of his life in the ‘Bloods’ gang.   She also suddenly knew the answer to his daily, extremely disruptive behavior.
  • Inspirational “food for thought” can be found at the end of each chapter. 
  • After purchasing  True Herald of Mercy, and prior to filming, you will be invited to blog,  share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions on what you would like to see in the film.   We realize sometimes the participants/developers are too close to the events and unintentionally overlook bits and pieces that are truly of interest and benefit to others in the outside world.    We need your help!    We don’t want to overlook anything!
  • Change the direction of a child’s life who might be hanging out with the wrong crowd.
  • Give a parent hope and encouragement in child guidance/direction.
  • Be a spiritual teaching tool for others.
  • Give hope to someone (even adults!) that might find themselves in a seemingly hopeless situation.
  • We want ‘you’ to be a part in the sharing of this lad’s true life story and incredible  testimony!
  • Again, your prayer support to make this film project a reality is deeply appreciated!

 Be A Part Of This Exciting Project

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