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Journey with me, through the following articles, and watch Sean’s life,  beginning  as  a mere 5 1/2 year old  child, without hope, plunge on a  rapid downward, endless and tragic spiral.  

WARNING:  What you are about to read in these articles are not for the faint of heart!

Total Lack Of Respect

Closed Door At Home

A Little Old Lady And Her Book (Bible)

Perfect New Friends

New Life Of Living In A Cemetery

Everyone For Himself

First Revenge

Kill Or Be Killed

Fighting Off My First Near Death Experience

Alert – Over My Shoulder

Dead Or Alive

Defending Myself

Afraid For My Life

Small – Dangerous

Partner Drowns

My First Church Service

To Know Us Is To Fear Us

Forces Arise Within Me

Our Leader Is Killed

My First Solo Shooting – Dangerous – Wanted

To Kill With Ease – No Regrets

Hunger Pains Solved:  Snake Deli

That Iguana Was My Food – You Will Pay!

Am I Mean? A Little Crazy? Or Demons Within Me?

The above articles are, by no means, the entirety of what you will read when you pick up ‘True Herald Of Mercy.’ 

You will learn that Sean had even further to “fall” before his ultimate “fall” came, literally, when he fell from a mango tree while stealing food. 

This fall, which appeared to be Sean’s darkest moment, instantly rendering him into a helpless paraplegic,  actually turned out to be, as it were, a candle light glimmer of hope for his future life.  

Sean’s  darkest minute became  his turning point. 

Hindsight is wonderful!  Without question God planned, purposed, created and ordained Sean’s life. Yes, even before the foundations of the earth God knew Sean! 

Through many dangers, toils and snares Sean is alive today, living independently, sharing this, his story of hope and encouragement with others!

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