Family I Never Knew

Upon arrival in the big city many surprises awaited me. First of all I learned that I had four sisters, two older than me and two were younger. I also learned that I had two younger brothers.

The only brother I had ever known about was older than myself and, since an infant, had lived with my Grandparents, down in the village, just a short distance from where I had lived with my auntie.

Of the two older sisters, one was being raised by her biological dad’s sister in another part of the country while the other older sister was being raised by others in her biological dad’s extended family, in yet another part of the country.

Of the two younger sisters one had been living, since birth, with her biological dad in an unknown far away village; she had never visited my mother.

About 2 months after I arrived to live with my biological mother, Ms. Janice, the other younger sister went to live permanently with her biological dad in another far away village. Over the following years my mother only saw the first daughter about once a year.

Yes, you calculated correctly: 8 children, 7 different fathers

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