River Village Life

[hidepost]In The Beginning:   River Village Life As an infant that had been born in the city Sean was immediately taken to a distant and remote River Village to live with his Auntie Edna, a sister of his biological mother. Auntie Edna and her husband, Clarence, already had one 4 year old son, Harold. The following year the family welcomed a new one and yet another new baby arrived the following year. The River Village was a small quiet village on the banks of Lazy River surrounded by mangroves, some of the tallest ever reported anywhere in the entire Neotropics. These mangroves represented the optimal conditions for mangrove development of the three species white, red and black mangrove. For Sean life was good in The River Village. The neighbors were good.  There was plenty of space for children to play and explore their surroundings.  Nothing fancy in the home. One kitchen

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